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Cajun Fry

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Cajun Fry is used for frying fish, chicken or seafood. This batter contains corn flour with a special blend of seasoings for a real good taste. We offer this mix in Mild or Hot blends.

Cajun Fry directions: Rinse off fish, chicken or seafood that you want to fry. Baste meat with your favorite mustard and if desired add hot sauce to it too. Roll the meat in the Cajun Fry batter and fry in hot cooking oil until golden brown. Place on paper towels to absorb any excess oil.

 Cajun Fry Mild- 10 -10 oz. bags 
 Cajun Fry Hot 10-10 oz. bags 
 Cajun Fry Mild 2 LB. Bucket 
 Cajun Fry Hot 2 lb. Bucket 
 Cajun Mild Fry 3-10 oz. bags 
 Cajun Hot Fry 3-10 oz. bags 
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