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Cajun Etoufee Mix
Etoufee is a delicious reddish orange thick gravy that can be made with any seafood or left over chicken or turkey.
It contains specially selected seasonings for that perfect taste you love!

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Cajun Etoufee mix directions:
Use 1 to 3 pounds of crawfish or shrimp. Brown 5 large tablespoons of oleo or margarine. Dissolve Cajun Spicy Etoufee mix in 4 cups of cold water stirring to get any lumps out. Add Etouffe and water to the browned butter, when this mixture becomes thick, add 1/2 cup more of water, stir, and lower fire and add the crawfish or shrimp. Cook for 15 minutes, turn fire off, cover and let stand for 15 minutes longer.
 Cajun Etoufee mix 10-6 oz. bags 
 Cajun Etoufee mix 10 Pounds 
 Cajun Etoufee mix 3-6 oz. bags 
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