Cajun Fry Co. Inc.
Cajun and Swamp Pop Music of the South
If you are a Cajun then you love Cajun and Swamp Pop music! I am listing just a few of our favorite bands. Our favorite is Kenny Fife and the Bac Trac Band. They do not have a web site but have cd's available at many places in the south. A great place to look for their CD's is at Floyds Music or just enter their name in search on the web! You'll be happy you did!

 Foret Tradition 
 Don Rich 
 Tommy Mclain 
 Doug Kershaw 
 Cajun French Music Association 
 Garry Hayman Zydeco 
 Morgan Blanchard Swamp Pop 
 Green Hill Music 
 Zachary Richard 
 Bruce Daigrepont 
 Nancy Tabb Marcantel 
 The Recycled Cajuns 
 The Boogie Kings 
 Swamp Fyre 
 Wayne Toups Zydeco 
 Floyds Record Shop