Creole Jambalaya – Rice Cooker Edition

We’re so excited to share some of our favorite recipes with you!

One of our favorite things to share with everyone is how easy it is to cook some of our products to have a delicious meal in roughly 30 minutes! All you need is a rice cooker, some ingredients, and you’re good to go. Add everything into the pot, click cook, and move on to your next task while the rice cooker does its thing! We hope you enjoy this Creole Jambalaya as much as we do!



  • Cut up sausage.
  • Add creole jambalaya, crawfish, sausage, and water into rice cooker.
  • Turn on rice cooker.
  • Once the rice cooker clicks back to warm, let it steam for a few minutes then it’s ready to serve!
  • Enjoy!


Great for family gatherings, sport events, school functions, or a quick easy meal for dinner. 

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